Wholesalers Providing Off Market Real Estate

There is an ever-growing trend for finding off market real estate listings. This is a concept highly desirable to investors, developers, and traditional homebuyers looking for a great deal. Rather than spend hours, driving, looking to find for sale by owner (FSBO) signs, doing extensive computer research, or paying a hefty fee for, hopefully lucrative, “leads”, Real Estate Kate is able to provide off market real estate deals at a discounted price.

Off market real estate is not publicly advertised on the MLS (multiple listing service), a service available to thousands of real estate agents. The transaction is A to B, directly from the Seller to the Buyer. For example, Real Estate Kate and her team sell a house they purchased at auction to Joe, a local investor, who flips houses for a living. Therefore, rather than list it on the MLS and advertise it to thousands of agents/buyers, the sale is able to occur, directly, between the Seller and the Buyer, creating an off market real estate transaction.

Real Estate Kate and her team are able to acquire and sell a number of off market real estate deals. They purchase foreclosures from the county auctions and various auction websites. They negotiate short sales with people facing foreclosure. Lastly, they pick up deals from people who have no need for an inherited property or an investment property that has become neglected. Since Real Estate Kate and her team are able buy off market real estate, at a discounted price, they have room to add their mark up and still leave meat on the bone for another investor.

Ideally, off market real estate means the margins are bigger and there is more money to be made for both parties. It is consider a “better” deal because off market real estate sales are typically bought at an under market value price point. The Seller avoids having to pay a listing fee and or any realtor commissions. For example, if Real Estate Kate was not licensed and listed a $150,000 house, she would need to pay between $7,500 and $9,000 in commissions. Therefore, you can see why the exclusivity of off market real estate trend is what makes it such a preferred transaction.

Normally off mls real estate is seen as “harder to find” or “more difficult to deal with”. Luckily for the local investors of Tampa Bay, Real Estate Kate and her team are able to provide a multitude of these off market real estate properties (roughly 15-20 per month). The properties vary from around $100-250k. Since Real Estate Kate is both fair and professional, she is able to make off market real estate deals work for both the Buyer and the Seller. To learn more about how to find off market real estate, click HERE to check out “The Difficulty in How to Find Off Market Real Estate”

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