Questions we get asked frequently!


We do a zero inspection period, however the houses are vacant and on lock box so you are welcome to bring your contractor, inspector, etc. to view the property so you feel comfortable and confident when putting it under contract. There is a $5,000 non-refundable deposit. We take cash or private/hard money offers only, no bank financing. The closing time frame is around 2 weeks or less. The transactions are NET to Seller with Buyer paying all closing costs (except for pro-rated taxes) ex. title search, doc stamps, title insurance, lien search, recording fee, closing fee, title fee. Real Estate Kate is happy to provide you with what this figure would be.

We are able to source our deals from many different avenues. Most of the houses are foreclosures, which come directly from the auction. Along with the multiple auctions we participate in, we also source deals directly from Sellers, through various marketing strategies. Last, but not least, being in the business for 10+ years has helped to give us a reputation for buying houses and therefore we come to mind when people are looking to sell.

We focus on Hillsborough and Pinellas county, but we also buy in Pasco, Polk, and Manatee. We try to stay in areas we know are good investment spots because at the end of the day if nobody buys them we end up remodeling them or keeping them as a rental.

We have single and multi family properties as well as land. Depending on the property, some are better to flip and others are better to hold as a rental. The amount of rehab needed and the price range of these properties vary. Some are quick lip stick rehabs while others are full-gut jobs.

The best way to contact me is by phone (call or text) 813-459-3995. I have the device glued to my hand, so you’ll always receive a response. The second best way is to contact me by e-mail ([email protected]). You should receive a response within 30minutes. I’m up early, asleep late, and I work weekends, so do not ever hesitate to reach out if you have a question or interest in a property!

The best way to stay up to date with our properties is to SUBSCRIBE to my e-mail list. Basically, whenever we get a new property I send out an e-mail with photos, house details/information, a rough scope of work, and comparables. Another great way is to continuously check my website! This is kept up to date, daily. By the days end I will update with new properties and whether a property is under contract. Lastly, if you have specific buying criteria you can always let me know what it is and I can try to keep you on my short list, so when we have a property that comes available I am able to give you a heads up on it!