Best way to find foreclosures for sale: Ask Real Estate Kate

Real Estate Kate and her team are the best way to find foreclosures for sale because foreclosures are their bread and butter! Real Estate Kate and her team buy foreclosed homes at county and online auctions, take care of the title and any people occupying the property, then they resell them free and clear. This […]

How Do You Invest in Real Estate? Taking the Plunge

A common question among new investors is, “how do you invest in real estate?” The answer is more complex than A or B. There are a few follow up questions that need to be answered first, such as “what are you trying to accomplish” or “what is your financial situation”. Depending on these responses, one […]

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate: Producing the Highest ROI!

The best places to invest in real estate are developing areas. This is because these transitioning neighborhoods have not yet peaked at their full potential for retail value. Therefore, there is more equity and profit to be made when investing in these locations verses a fully saturated market or neighborhood. Depending on which states and […]

Finding the Best Return on Investment Real Estate

When finding the best return on investment real estate, learning the technique of calculating return on investment (ROI) is vastly important. An investor, regardless of the profession, will use this formula to understand if an investment a wise decision. The computation of ROI works just as well in real estate as it does in the […]

Real Estate Foreclosures For Sale: Finding the Deal

Each county within Florida has a specific website dedicated to information regarding real estate foreclosures for sale. Click HERE to browse the Hillsborough Clerk of Courts or click HERE to browse the Pinellas County Foreclosure. There are sixty-seven counties in the state of Florida. On the county website they have an auction calendar that shows […]

How hard is it to buy a Foreclosure? Ask the Experts.

A common question, particularly among investors, in the real estate industry is, “how hard is it to buy a foreclosure”? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as A or B. There are a number of factors that contribute to the foreclosure process and, therefore, can impact how easy or difficult it can be. When people […]

Investment Real Estate for Sale

In Tampa Bay, many people are searching for investment real estate for sale. Some people are purchasing these properties as rental investments for passive income. Other people are flipping these houses to put some quick cash in their pocket. The strong, growing, market and various HGTV shows, which highlight, specifically, the art of flipping, are […]

The Difficulty in How to Find Off Market Real Estate

Off market real estate is a piece of property that has not yet been publicly listed or advertised. Once a house hits the market, thousands of agents have access to the listing. This creates a demand for how to find off market real estate deals. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates […]

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in 2023? Let’s Take a Look.

It is reasonable for investors to wonder and ask, “Is now a good time to invest in real estate?” This cautious mindset of wanting to know when to invest in real estate can evolve from personal experiences, historical events, being a new investor, or having an entire retirement fund at risk. Unfortunately there is no […]

How to Get into Investment Real Estate? Where do I start?

The big question when first starting out is, how to get into investment real estate? Firstly, to invest, it does not matter whether your job profession is within the real estate realm or not. Plenty of people who work outside of the real estate industry learned how to get into investment real estate. For example, […]